Birdwell bibles

A few years back, for reasons that I didn’t understand well enough until recently, I was given two family bibles; both belonging to Birdwell family members.  Like an epiphany – it hit me,  I know why I was entrusted with them now – to share them!  I’m a firm believer that family treasures such as these should be shared and not kept hidden away.  They are old and frail – so out of fear of further damage, I locked them in a steamer trunk for safe keeping.  Since I’ve brought them out, I’ve spilled two cups of coffee near them and figured it’s time they go back for safe keeping.  But, not before I attempt to catalog and photograph the handwritten contents of them.

It’s a pleasure to look up each one of the noted bible verses to read what the owner thought was important enough to make note of.  It’s very fascinating to see the handwriting of the owners.  Cursive, all the notes are written in cursive – it’s a wonderful sight! The spelling is not correct in most of the notations, but I promise you’ll get the point.

The pictures below are of the smaller bible. It’s, obviously, well loved. The binding is held together with old masking tape, that has the feel of dried up crispy paper. A lot of the pages have been dog-eared or folded in half.

The pictures below are of the larger bible. Equally, as loved as the prior.  The owner took the time to note each of their family members names and birthdates.  I also found a loose leaf paper with some of the owners ancestry.

By now I’m sure you’re wondering who these belong to, right?!  Well, these little pieces of family history belong to none other than, Mr. Thomas Birdwell and Mrs. Millie Wilkerson Keene Birdwell.


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