Pioneers, Patriots and Preachers The Chaffins of Roaring River by: Robert Rogers Chaffin

A few weeks ago I was looking for something to post on here and had gotten sidetracked.  Sidetracked into ordering a book off Amazon that was based on the Chaffin family line from Jackson County, Tennessee.  Yes, I am related to Chaffins’ through my ancestors John and Martha Chaffin Birdwell.

What was so intriguing about this book, was how knowledgeable the author is about his family and Jackson County, Tennessee.  He is blessed with a ton of family knowledge and amazing stories and possesses an amazing ability to put them to paper.

I honestly could not put the book down.  I’ve read it twice now and found myself referencing it for areas in and around Jackson County during my recent trip.  I best part was while reading was envisioning my ancestors in his stories.

You can order the paper or digital version here:


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