The percentages of me.

It is estimated that over 26 million people have taken an at home ancestry DNA test, and yes, I am one of them. For over a two years I have been sitting on my DNA results. I can honestly say there were no big surprises. We’ve all seen the commercials where the subject states they were raised thinking they were one ethnicity, but come to find out they are actually another ethnicity. I suppose I thought that would happen to me, but it didn’t – and I’m glad for it. Had something strange appeared, it would question all my work, and all the work of everyone in my family. So, I am happy to report that there are no it surprises.

Since, I have done a lot of research on all parts of my family tree, it was pretty easy to sort out my ethnicity. But Ancestry DNA offers what they call “communities” that show you migration patters over a period 250 years – more on this below. My genetic make-up is as follows:

  1. England, Wales and Northwestern Europe 51%
  1. Ireland and Scotland 36%
  1. German 10%
  1. Swedish 3%

According to Ancestry my ancestors migrated to specific regions. Northern Arkansas & Middle Tennessee Settlers (Birdwell and Patton), Saint Lawrence River French Settlers (Chapman) and Lower Midwest & Virginia Settlers (Banwarth, Birdwell and Patton). I can confirm that based on my own research and that of other family members, this is accurate.

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