Do you ever wish you could go back, back to a time when you were a child, listening to your elders talk of days gone by?  There is not a day that goes by that I wish I’d paid a little more attention to the stories, endless chatter and gossip.  There are few things in my life that have held any amount of concentration for me, but our family history is certainly one.

When I am researching, my mind often wanders and I start wondering what it was like for our family, their struggles and triumphs.  Sometimes, I feel as if I can actually visualize them working in the fields, riding a horse to town or interacting with their neighbors; my mind wishes so much to know these people, who I am a part of, that sometimes I feel as if I am there with them as a casual observer.

I have been working to put together this website/blog to share with all of you what I have been working on for the last 25 years.  I still can remember, as a little girl, sitting on maternal Grandma’s couch, with a pen and paper and asking her about her family, watching her cry at the memories of the family that had gone before her.  Or being equally excited when I received my drivers license and was able to drive to my paternal Grandma’s to ask her all the questions that my father’s family seemed so reluctant to answer.  Imagine my joy when Grandma C. gave me my very first vital record!

Most of you, who will view this site, understand my quest for knowledge of the days gone by, to make sure it is written somewhere for everyone to enjoy and learn from.  I wish most of all for everyone to remember those who came before us, the ancestors who have made each and everyone of us who we are. Good or bad, no matter who they were what they did or did not accomplish, each ancestor deserves the recognition for, if nothing more, that being one of God’s creatures.

xoxo, CrumKin