CrumKin website updates – October 11, 2017

While I haven’t been posting weekly, I have been very busy scanning HUNDREDS of photos and documents in preparation to upload to the website.  But I have managed a few small updates, see below.  Click on the names, UNDERLINED,  below and it will take you directly to each person’s individual page. Photos added: Individual pages-photo(s) added:Continue reading “CrumKin website updates – October 11, 2017”

Road tripping for Banwarths and Chapmans – August 27, 2017

Yesterday, my family and I loaded up in the car for one last ‘hooray’ before the school year officially begins.  This is the second mini road trip, in as many weeks.  Both were mapped out so we (I) could visit some of our ancestral communities while having some good old fashion family fun!  I justContinue reading “Road tripping for Banwarths and Chapmans – August 27, 2017”


On Sunday, August 13th, my great aunt and I will be venturing down to St. Anthony’s Church, in Detroit, to attend the 160th Anniversary Mass.  My aunt and I have attended several masses at St. Anthony’s over the past few years, and each time I am in awe at just how beautiful the church isContinue reading “CHAPMAN’S AND ST. ANTHONY’S CHURCH – August 7, 2017”

Featured CHAPMAN of the week – July 19, 2017

  When I was young and I would implore my father and other Chapman family members about my great aunt’s and uncles, one aunt in particular I was never given too much information about.  It was always a straight answer of, “she became a nun”. That’s it, end of conversation; no further elaboration on anyone’sContinue reading “Featured CHAPMAN of the week – July 19, 2017”

Featured BIRDWELL of the week – July 17, 2017

When I think about the late 1800’s, knowing today’s technology was non-existent, I cannot help but marvel at the amount of work that each person, each family member did EVERYDAY, especially those people who did not live in the cities. These men and women were merely taking care of themselves and their families, just asContinue reading “Featured BIRDWELL of the week – July 17, 2017”

Featured BIRDWELL of the week – July 10, 2017

  Ms. Bama Laura (Birdwell) Davis.  Bama is one of 5 children born to Benjamin F.  and Adlissa (Wheeler) Birdwell. Bama was born on April 9, 1875 in Jackson County, Tennessee.  Bama married Mr. Daniel March Davis on October 20, 1892 in Jackson County, Tennessee.   Bama died on August 30, 1939 in Jackson County,Continue reading “Featured BIRDWELL of the week – July 10, 2017”

Featured CHAPMAN of the week – July 9, 2017

  It’s the very first “Chapman” post for the CrumKin – Family History Facebook page!  I thought it would be fitting to start with Thomas Chapman, as he was the individual who first brought the Chapman’s to Michigan; though he later moved back to Canada. Thomas was born on November 27, 1855 in Quebec, CanadaContinue reading “Featured CHAPMAN of the week – July 9, 2017”

Featured BIRDWELL of the week – July 3, 2017

*photo from Tomorrow we will celebrate the 241st birthday of our great nation, because of this I chose a Birdwell who did his part during the American Revolution to help bring Independence from Great Britain.  Not to be confused with last week’s featured Birdwell, this Benjamin Birdwell, son of Old George and Mary (Looney)Continue reading “Featured BIRDWELL of the week – July 3, 2017” website updates 6/29/2017

I am very excited to share this week’s updates. I have added interactive Google maps to mark the locations of cemeteries! Right now you can interact with the Michigan and Tennessee maps.  If you click on the pins, the names of those buried in them will appear in a small box along with allContinue reading “ website updates 6/29/2017”

Featured BIRDWELL of the week – June 26, 2017

Benjamin F. Birdwell was the third child born, of eleven, to John Harvey and Martha (Chaffin) Birdwell.  Born in to a poor farming family in Jackson County, Tennessee on October 6, 1841. He spent almost his whole life in Jackson County, except for the seven or so years he lived in Missouri as a child.Continue reading “Featured BIRDWELL of the week – June 26, 2017”