Pioneers, Patriots and Preachers The Chaffins of Roaring River by: Robert Rogers Chaffin

A few weeks ago I was looking for something to post on here and had gotten sidetracked.  Sidetracked into ordering a book off Amazon that was based on the Chaffin family line from Jackson County, Tennessee.  Yes, I am related to Chaffins’ through my ancestors John and Martha Chaffin Birdwell. What was so intriguing about […]

Blessed are those who mourn: for they shall be comforted – Matthew 5:4

Several years ago I was afforded the opportunity to look and scan some funeral books.  The part most intriguing is to read the names all those who came to mourn for the deceased.  As I was browsing the books, it was amazing to see how much information these, often overlooked, books have. I am sharing […]

CrumKin website updates – October 11, 2017

While I haven’t been posting weekly, I have been very busy scanning HUNDREDS of photos and documents in preparation to upload to the website.  But I have managed a few small updates, see below.  Click on the names, UNDERLINED,  below and it will take you directly to each person’s individual page. Photos added: Individual pages-photo(s) added: […]

Featured BIRDWELL of the week – July 17, 2017

When I think about the late 1800’s, knowing today’s technology was non-existent, I cannot help but marvel at the amount of work that each person, each family member did EVERYDAY, especially those people who did not live in the cities. These men and women were merely taking care of themselves and their families, just as […]

Featured BIRDWELL of the week – July 3, 2017

*photo from Tomorrow we will celebrate the 241st birthday of our great nation, because of this I chose a Birdwell who did his part during the American Revolution to help bring Independence from Great Britain.  Not to be confused with last week’s featured Birdwell, this Benjamin Birdwell, son of Old George and Mary (Looney) […]