The percentages of me.

It is estimated that over 26 million people have taken an at home ancestry DNA test, and yes, I am one of them. For over a two years I have been sitting on my DNA results. I can honestly say there were no big surprises. We’ve all seen the commercials where the subject states theyContinue reading “The percentages of me.”

Pioneers, Patriots and Preachers The Chaffins of Roaring River by: Robert Rogers Chaffin

A few weeks ago I was looking for something to post on here and had gotten sidetracked.  Sidetracked into ordering a book off Amazon that was based on the Chaffin family line from Jackson County, Tennessee.  Yes, I am related to Chaffins’ through my ancestors John and Martha Chaffin Birdwell. What was so intriguing aboutContinue reading “Pioneers, Patriots and Preachers The Chaffins of Roaring River by: Robert Rogers Chaffin”

Blessed are those who mourn: for they shall be comforted – Matthew 5:4

Several years ago I was afforded the opportunity to look and scan some funeral books.  The part most intriguing is to read the names all those who came to mourn for the deceased.  As I was browsing the books, it was amazing to see how much information these, often overlooked, books have. I am sharingContinue reading “Blessed are those who mourn: for they shall be comforted – Matthew 5:4”

CrumKin website update – January 1, 2018

WE HAVE PICTURES!! It took a bit longer than I anticipated but I have finally started to upload photo’s!  Currently, there are two ways to access them: From the home page, under the menu, click on the pictures tab. -OR- From the home page, under Family surnames, click on a family name and if there areContinue reading “CrumKin website update – January 1, 2018”

CrumKin website updates – December 31, 2017

Photos added: none Generation chart:  none Individual people pages added: Rev. Jesse Moreland Kirby Sr. 1848 – 1938 Documents added: Frank Banwarth and Anna Spychalla – Marriage notice from newspaper Thomas Chapman – Occupation notice from newspaper Shirley Patton Johnson – Updated spouse  Carol Johnson – Newspaper clipping about the cause of death  

The dented pot and a game of scat…November 27, 2017

The holiday’s are upon us. I hope all who are reading this had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends.  We were fortunate to hosted Thanksgiving with our families and friends!  As we decorate and get ready to celebrate Christmas and all its wonderful blessings, I can’t help but feel this little ping of heartContinue reading “The dented pot and a game of scat…November 27, 2017”

CrumKin website updates – October 11, 2017

While I haven’t been posting weekly, I have been very busy scanning HUNDREDS of photos and documents in preparation to upload to the website.  But I have managed a few small updates, see below.  Click on the names, UNDERLINED,  below and it will take you directly to each person’s individual page. Photos added: Individual pages-photo(s) added:Continue reading “CrumKin website updates – October 11, 2017”


On Sunday, August 13th, my great aunt and I will be venturing down to St. Anthony’s Church, in Detroit, to attend the 160th Anniversary Mass.  My aunt and I have attended several masses at St. Anthony’s over the past few years, and each time I am in awe at just how beautiful the church isContinue reading “CHAPMAN’S AND ST. ANTHONY’S CHURCH – August 7, 2017”